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Remote Sensing and Add Value

GIS Application System

Collect, organize, analyze and utilize all the spatial data for a better world

“IF YOU BUILD IT, THEY WILL COME.” this is what we want to do. Our goal is building a bridge between geospatial data and user, providing a full-scale solution to solve various geo-issues to make the world be better. We are RiChi Tech, a pioneering and supplier team, a geospatial service company in Taiwan.

Who Are We

Eagerly involved in the analysis and investigation of geospatial information to develop applications benefit the society.


Google, DigitalGlobe,
Trimble, Caris, SpacEyes,
Carto, HERE, Planet.


8 TGIS Golden Maps , ESRI Story Telling,
ESRI Special Achievement in GIS ,
Itmonth innovative products.


Spatial Database and Business Intelligence

We possess the latest innovative digital map, up to 31 layers of illustrators including Building footprint and over 500,000 POIs (Points of Interest), in Taiwan. By utilizing the unique algorithm of Richi Tech, we release the 4 main index charts, Residential Intensity, Lifestyle Intensity, Business Intensity and Accessibility Intensity, for business analysis applicable for retail industry, real estate and banking.

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Remote Sensing and add value

Being the agent of DiditalGlobe, the world No. 1 satellite images company with artificial satellite Worldview-1,2,3 providing image resolution up to 30cm, we have been working on the development and analysis of satellite images for years for urban planning disaster emergency and transition operation. Through GeoSpatial Data Mining and Object Oriented technique, satellite images can be utilized even widely in analysis green energy resources, Steel Rooftop detection, landslides recovery, etc.

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GIS Application System

We have extensive experience in cooperation with the government, real estate companies and bankers providing customized GIS Application System by utilizing the core engine of digital maps of Google Maps API, ESRI ArcGIS and Open Layer API, etc. Up to present, we have developed over 30 models of WebGIS and were repeatedly awarded by TGIS, ITMonth innovative products, and ESRI Special Achievement in GIS.

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